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Muslim leaders call for peace as they start fasting

By Fatuma Asha Ali

The Muslim leaders in Yei County of Central Equatoria State yesterday called for peace and solidarity as they enter the holy month of the Ramadan period.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the general secretary of the Islamic Council in Yei, Ali Mogga said that they are preparing for the holy month of Ramadan.

“This is the 9thmonth of the year in the Islamic calendar and we are now finishing the eight months of Shaaban and will be beginning Ramadan,”

“God said fasting has been prescribed for you as you go and prescribe to those before you so that you learn self-respect and to all those who believe in Allah, this is His order to every able Muslim entitled to fast this month,” Mogga noted

Mogga urged all Muslims across the world to prepare for this fasting.

“We all believe in one Allah and we should share the little we have in this month of Ramadan since people are going through a lot and we should embrace peace and love because this is a month of blessings,”

On his part, the Imam of Yei Mosque Abdallah Baraka said that everyone should take care and pledge peace

“I appreciate the Allah for such a wonderful month of holy Ramadan and this should give us strength to fast successfully,”

“Being a Muslim and fasting should come from one’s faith and sacrifices and I pledge for peace and love among us so Allah may bless us in abundance since this month comes once in a year,” Baraka concluded 

NyusuraHussein Muslim, a women’s representative in Yei said that “I requested every Muslim to be well prepared and put more energy in this month of Ramadan so that Allah will forgive all our sins and we will all be blessed.”

She also urged fellow Muslims in Yei to endure any hardship and seek peace and faith as they join the holy month.

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