Musician Duop urges officials to serve public interest

By Nema Juma

Government officials handling issues of land have been urged to be transparent and serve the interest of citizens.

This came after one of the Clerk land registrar tried to confuse a citizen who had gone to register his land and later was told the land does not belong to him but instead it belonged to the registrar’s son.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor, the vice president of South Sudan Artists Union Duop Pur Duop revealed that he owns a plot in Nyokuron South and he has done all the processes and he has all the documents that show that he owns the land adding that he had been owning the land for almost 12 years.

What went wrong is that we had a land dispute, I have my plot in Nyakuron South and I have done all the processes. I have the papers of the land for almost 12 years, I have all my papers with the land lease but what remains is called tittle of the land registrar at the judiciary,” he said.

He narrated that when he went to the Judiciary surprisingly one of the officials who was issuing tittles to the people said that the plot was not his but it belonged to his own son.

“I told him that I did not know that before I just came to register my land how comes it belongs to your son, he replied me that well that is what happened,” he said.

In that office I saw one of the man who used to come to our area claiming to be assessing the land then I suspected that man to have advised him about my land because I had seen him at my area assessing the land with other people, I told him this land belongs to me, those other men in his office started beating me up at the judiciary until the police came and took both of us asked why they were fighting me I told them that the land belongs to me and the clerk land registrar told them that those who were beating me up were his friends,” Pur said.

Mr. Pur called on all Public servants to serve the interest of the citizens first adding that when such kind of cases happen, people must resort to legal process.

“Whenever such kind of case happen, people have to resort to legal process as I did but some people resort to violence,” he added.

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