Music promoter to contest bar biz in Kampala

Promoter Sam inside his new Bar located in Kyamokya in Kampala

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Promoter Sam Bosco, one of the South Sudanese music promoters has officially opened his own bar in Kampala’s suburb of Kamyokya.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Sam Bosco who is commonly known for promoting local music industry said he is ready to compete with the Ugandan bar business owners.

“I am very ready to compete in this business because the atmosphere is calm in Uganda and my main aim of opening Emmrah bar is to give South Sudaneseliving here a place where they can have a memory of their home land. It is going to be a one stop center for all of us to socialize and learn from one another,” said Sam.

The promoter added that with the presence of his bar, they would have humble time to ensure that South Sudanese music is fully playedwithout any interference.

“Our music are rarely played in most bars in Kampala but with Emmrah bar, we will make sure we promote our music first,”Sam told Juba Monitor

The opening of Emmrah has been highly welcomed by some South Sudanese students living within Kampala.

IdumaSavioone of the students said: “for several years I have been looking for a taste of home, with Emmrah bar.I am going to feel like I am always at “home and away’,” saidIduma.

Meanwhile for Mavin,he appreciates promoter Sam for the good initiative and urged the rest of South Sudanese youths to borrow a leaf from its page.

“God should bless promoter Sam because of his exemplary life, he is a hardworking young man and we the youths should learn from him,” said Marvin.

Promoter Sam is a popular name amongUgandans musicians. He has worked with majority of them such as DjMicheal, Micheal Ross, LeliaKayondo, and Cindy.





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