Music legends vow to adovocate for human rights

By Mandela Nelson Denis

South Sudanese music legends, WJ De King, General Paulino and Emmanuel Kembe have vowed to advocate for human rights in the country through their songs.

The artists made their promise during the “Stand up for someone’s right” campaign which was held at Nyakuron Cultural Centre last week on Saturday.

WJ De King said being an artist is a gift from God and he promised to use his songs to educate the people about their rights because human rights are for everyone.

He entertained the audience with his song “seasons of peace” which thrilled most of the fans, who later joined him on stage.

Other songs like “ana bi ruwa wen” a song advocating for children’s rights drew the choir of Confident Children out of Conflict to the stage to dance with WJ De king.

He reiterated that he would continue to use his music to advocate for human rights as long as he lives.

General Paulino Meseka who also performed on the same occasion, appreciated the office of Human Rights Commission for coming up with the idea and said that since music spreads faster, he will spread the message of human rights with the help of his band.

On his part, the popular South Sudanese Musician, Emmanuel Mark Kembe known for songs such as “wassasikka huriaja”, meaning pave the way freedom has come, who also took part in the campaign, said he would advocate for the respect of every citizens’ rights through his music.

Mr. Kembe has produced many new albums such as: Nabni-Beled Together, Kujur, amongst others.

He was well-known for his famous song: “Shen, Shen” which highlighted the ugly war situation in the then Sudan during the 21-year war between the South and North.


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