Music is the only language without boarder-Emmy J Yoro

Emmy J Yoro, a South Sudanese musician in his Revolution Records studio in Kampala (photo by Gaaniko Samson Jerry):

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

Emma J Yoro of Revolution Records Africa said he has not quit the music industry.

Emma J Yoro whose “Mara ta bed”, “Yaugada Gadia”, “Full Dose and “Mysterious” songs that used to rock Juba is right now based in Kampala, Uganda.

He said his new songs “Duniata Allela,” “Believe in love” and “Geneni” were hitting Kampala.

The artists told Juba Monitor that music is his career and life, adding that music is food and soul that educates the public with messages that changes their attitude.

Revolution Records was based in Yambio but due to the conflict in the country, they moved to operate in Kampala.

J Yoro further said that his studio was rated as the second best recording studio in Kampala where a number of choirs from Congo and Uganda have developed a lot of interest in his production.

“I started active music in 2004 as gospel musician. In 2009 due to public interest I decided to produce non-gospel songs to educate the citizens,” he said.

J Yoro said he has clocked fourteen years in the music industry.

The artist still believes he will one day relocate his studio back home once peace is restored in the country. He urged his fellow artists to be self-reliant saying they should go to school to develop their talents and skills.




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