Munuki FC receives jerseys from Kulang Foundation

By Lodu William Odiya

The Munuki soccer legends’ football club team has received twenty four (24) pairs of sports jerseys during end of year football match competition organized between the retired players and the upcoming players at Munuki playground.

Speaking to the media during the handover ceremony, the chairperson of the Kulang foundation, Mr. Gatwech Peter Kulang said that the New Year celebration was great for the community as it would be the year that people can all work for peaceful and united community through the sporting activities.

“With our collaboration with Munuki soccer Legends’ football club, today we are handing over a small gift (jersey-football uniforms) from the Kulang foundation to encourage sporting activities,”Kulang said.

He said that it was the 10th times that the Munuki soccer legends football club organizes the New Year game competition between elders and the upcoming players.

Kulang further thanked the participants and sports development stakeholders more especially south Sudan football association and the Ministry of Youth and Sports for promoting sport activities in the country.

Meanwhile the captain for Munuki soccer Legend football club,Mr. Jang JangMajok said he was happy to see that his team is supported with the sports jerseys.

“I feel so glad at this juncture with Kulang foundation for providing us with jersey every year, we feel very happy for the cooperation from the Kulang foundation,” he said.

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