Municipal council pledges to drain rain stagnant in Bor

By Jacob Bol Mayar

The Authorities of Bor municipal council promised to drain out the stagnant water in Marol Market of Jonglei State.

Earlier, the Main Market of Bor town came underwater following series of heavy rains.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Dr. Agoot Alier Leek, the Mayor of Bor Municipal Council state said that excavator machines had been availed to open the channels to drain out the water not only in the main market, but also in a residential area like Naivasha and Achengdier.

“two excavator machines were installed in the areas of Malou and other one in the main market. the excavator machines were support from International Organization Migration (IOM),” Alier said.

Meanwhile, Manyok Matiop, one of the trader said that the earning had reduced because the customers were afraid of stepping into water in order to buy something and some of the shops have been displaced.

“the government should step up and drain out the stagnant water so that the business can move on as usual” Matiop stated.

The stagnant water had flooded the shops and destroyed most of goods which were stored in the shops, Akur Anyang, a tailor at Marol Market said.

“ we are urging the government to keep working on channel in order because life of the resident depends in the market” said the tailor.

He revealed that the current flood submerged Jonglei state and displaced about 5,000 households from their homes to the higher ground in the state.

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