Mundari, Bor Dinka urged to stop hostilities

Hon. Deng Dau, MP, TNLA

By Sworo Charles Elisha

The elders of Mundari and Dinka Bor communities have jointly appealed to the youth of the two communities to immediately cease hostilities, so that their dispute can be resolved amicably.

The elders of Mundari and Dinka Bor met in Juba on Tuesday, at the Residence of Presidential Advisor on Special Affairs Clement Wani Konga.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Civil Affairs Division of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS). The aim of the meeting was to consult on how to defuse the tension between the Mundari and Bor Dinka youth in order to resolve the current conflict between the two communities.

Deng Dau who is a Member of Parliament representing Jonglei state at the Transitional National Legislative Assembly co-chaired the meeting.

The meeting also called upon any of the Bor Dinka youth who have been involved in the fighting to withdraw from the area to allow the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) return to their homes, in order to resume their normal livelihood.

The joint meeting appealed to the humanitarian organizations to intervene and provide relief assistance to the affected civil population of Gemeiza and its surrounding villages.

The meeting of the elders of Mundari and Bor Dinka communities also called upon the state governors of Jonglei and Terekeka to move to the affected areas and ensure uninterrupted movement of people and goods on the road between Juba and Bor.

The joint meeting of the two communities called upon, the National Government to intervene and form a committee to investigate the root causes of the conflict in Gemeiza County, in collaboration with the respective state governments.

The joint appeal signed by both Clement Wani Konga, the Presidential Advisor on Special Affairs and Deng Dau, MP TNLA, also condemned in the strongest terms possible, the violence which erupted in Gemeiza County leading to the loss of so many innocent lives and property.

The two communities offered condolences and sympathies to the families that lost their loved ones during what they called “unfortunate clashes between the Mundari and Bor Dinka youth which occurred between the 2nd and 13th May 2017”.

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