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Mukaya community donates humanitarian assistance to Yei IDPs

Robert Ware the paramount Chief of Mukaya Community in Juba speaking to Juba Monitor. (Photo by Confusus Taban)

By Woja Emmanuel

The Mukaya community in Juba on Saturday donated food and non-food items including a cash of 120,000SSP to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) living in Yei town.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the Paramount Chief of Mukaya community in Juba, Robert Ware said that the donation was to assist more than 2,000 IDPs currently in dire need of aids in Yei River state.

“We have our brothers and sisters who are currently living in church premises, government institutions and schools without any help being given to them. We have contributed these items to help them although it may not be adequate,” Mr. Ware said.

He said the donation was intended to help those IDPs living in Yei town and its outskirts.

The items include money, clothes, mosquito nets, washing and bathing soap, salt and sugar among others.

The Paramount Chief said they have raised 120,000SSP for the IDPs, adding that more cash were still pending to be secured from those who pledged to contribute.

Mr Ware stressed that it was only the World Food Program (WFP) that used to supply assistance to the IDPs. He said it was four months since the Organization stopped helping the IDPs in Yei river state.

The Caretaker of Mukaya Diocese Rev. Ezirone Khemis said that the items would be delivered to the IDPs through the leadership of the church community in Lainya and Yei Counties respectively.

He said that they have also planned with the Bishop of Lainya Diocese to visit several IDPs settlements in Yei town.

“The Bishop of Lainya Eliaba Ladu will come here this week and shall therefore take the items to the IDPs. We will also go and visit all the sites the IDPs are living in so that they can also feel the love of their brothers who are in Juba,” Rev. Khemis said.

However, Rev. Khemis urged the leaders in the country to use the existing opportunities given by the international community to restore peace to the people of South Sudan.

Last month United Nations Security Council has given South Sudan’s leaders 45 days to bring peace in the country or else it would sanction those individuals in its list.

Many sources indicates that the outskirts of Yei town still remains besieged as farmers are not able to access their farming lands due to insecurity in the areas.


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