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MTN Donates SSP 7M to Jubek State Basketball Association

Peter James Loruba

MTN South Sudan yesterday continued its support to sports in South Sudan by handing over a cheque worth 7.6 million South Sudanese Pounds to Jubek State Basketball Association to help facilitate the organization of the 2019 basketball playoffs.

The playoffs, that will start on the 27th July and run up to the 23rd of August is one of the series of events that MTN has been sponsoring.

Saint Doe Tamakloe, the chief commercial officer of MTN told Juba Monitor yesterday why they were always involved in such activities.

“For us as MTN, we are socially very conscious organization and we try as much as possible to make sure that when it comes to our investment into the societies that we work in, we touch what is passionate for the ordinary citizenship and for us we have identified sports as a strong category that we can invest in outside what we do every year,” said Doe.

Just like the 21 days of Yellow Care, there are other projects that the mobile telecom does as part of the corporate social responsibility. Yesterday the company signed an agreement with Jubek State Basketball Association to ensure the smooth running of the games in Juba the same way they have been doing in the past years but with a look into the future.

“Our long term plan is to be able to create a platform where we can harness young and upcoming talent so that they can have the opportunity to showcase their skills and be able to get the visibility that is required as they develop their career as sportsmen and hopefully they can also be able to go international,” Doe said.

He further said their plan is to have a strong formidable team for South Sudan on the international scale so that one time South Sudan can become a powerhouse for basketball in Africa and hopefully in the world.

The playoffs will only be played in Juba but in a bid to cater for the people from the other states, the company will have a new digital service called basketball 360, a voice service where top journalists will be doing reviews about what is happening every day and it’s posted on the portal and all a person in Wau, Torit or Aweil has to do is to call and he/she will be able to listen and know everything as they happen which they believe is a strong step in trying to bring a lot of excitement during the playoffs for the people far away from Juba.

Doe said the company is not taking interest only in basketball but it has focus on all the other sports disciplines even music but their involvement depends on discussions and negotiations and with the different parties, they can only respond when they receive proposals that are mutually beneficial to  both MTN as  a brand and the respective associations.

Noel Wani, the Finance secretary of Jubek State Basketball Association said such efforts by MTN shows its commitment to giving back to the people of South Sudan.

“It shows that MTN is not just a business oriented company but it also gives back to the community. This will be the biggest league because the best 8 teams in the regular season will play the playoffs and every team will play three teams, there are good prizes and MTN will bring in jerseys for the playoffs,” Wani said.

Wani who hails the mobile operator said he has witnessed MTN being part of other games like football, athletics and urges other companies to take a leaf from MTN. “I want to tell the other companies within South Sudan to do what MTN is doing, we want other companies in South Sudan not to just be business oriented but also have programs that the youth should benefit from most especially the youth who are the majority in the country,” Wani called.

As of today, MTN will be the sole sponsor of the biggest basketball games this year.

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