MTN condemns killing of two staff along Torit- Kapoeta road

Rose Keji Benjamin

MTN South Sudan has condemned the killing of two of its staff along Torit- Kapoeta road in which another staff was injured on Monday.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Stephen James Hakim, the head of disputes management at the company described the incident as “unfortunate” and called on the authorities across South Sudan to provide more security to their engineers so that they could continue to offer more work to the communities.

Engineer Abu-Ubeida Mohammed Tuba and Moses Oziya who worked as a driver with MTN were both found dead on Monday along Torit –Kapoeta road. The three individuals were tasked to restore the telecommunication Mobile network in the area that has been off air for more than a year.

“Those people are innocent, we are sending them there not to go and do something wrong but they are going to make the lives of the people on the ground easy, because communication is more important. But if such people who are helping people and then you kill them, which means, I can see the future for development of this country will be hard for us,” hakim said.

Hakim said with the incident, some of the engineers have been discouraged and might affect their work.

“The moral of our engineers is going to be down. So, if the moral is down; they cannot deliver. If they cannot deliver some of the sites will not be on air. Because they will be afraid if they go there what happened to their colleagues [might] happen to them,” he said.

Hakim called on the government authorities across South Sudan to ensure safety and security of their staff such that the company can provide its service to communities. He stressed that they cannot keep on sending their engineers only to be killed.

“We want to see that there is peace on the ground and such people should be brought to book and then punished for their criminal act so that we feel there is a justice taking place. Because such thing should not go easily like, at least to bring hope to some of our engineers,” he said.

Hakim said MTN has more than three hundred sites across the country but only around 200 sites are operational due to insecurity according to Hakim.

Angelo Jina John who sustained injuries during the incident said they were attacked by three armed men whose identities were not known to them.

“After we finished our work at the site, we departed towards the town and at the distance of 100meters, three armed men appeared in front of our car and immediately they shot our driver on his chest. They also shot me as I was seated behind the driver on my left shoulder. One of them came and pushed the dead driver aside and started driving the car,” Jina narrated in Arabic from his sick bed at a hospital in Juba.



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