Mr.South Sudan is 32nd in World compitition

By Mandela Nelson Denis

South Sudan has taken the 32nd position at the prestigious Mr. World competition that took place on the 23rd of August in Philippines.

Deng Ajang Bior who presented South Sudan revealed he was so happy for the first time to raise the country’s flag at the completion.

“Being  number 32nd out of the seventy (70) nations or countries is not bad, that shows us that we are capable of bringing the crown home next time and the people should know that it was the first time ever in the history of South Sudan to take part in such competition,” said Deng.

Deng said that the position was the start for South Sudan that proved to the world that there are a lot that the so called young nation can do.

According to Deng, South Sudan took number 5th Position in the fashion category of the Mr. World Africa beating the rest of African countries and rest of the world in the race.

“When it came to fashion, we were almost beating them up, we came number five out of the 70 countries that were present”, Deng said.

England was crowned Number one in the Mr. World completion that saw nine African countries such as Kenya, Angola, Nigeria, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mauritius, Ghana and South Africa won the Mr. Africa title.

Deng’s journey to the Mr. World Africa started on the 20th of July 2019 when he was crowned Mr. World South Sudan and he promised to use his crown to empower South Sudanese youth.


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