Mr and Miss Yirol Beauty Pageant

By John Agok

The Yirol Beauty Pageant of 2020 to 2021 concluded yesterday in Eastern part of Lakes State with Mr. Deng Makur and Miss Kimo Jansi Marol crowned the models of the year 2021.

A panel of four judges comprised of three gentlemen and a lady that adjudicated on the competition of Yirol Pageant who then confirmed to the Media the true outcome of contest.

Mabor Ikau revealed that the process was fair and creditable enough for the two who emerged as the winners of the Pageant. We have selected the two out of twenty-two contestants, eleven ladies and eleven gentlemen whereby Mr. Deng Makur explained his joy and happiness in few words.

“I am pretty well excited for the facts that, I want to represent our traditions and culture of beauty through this modeling contest. I am a student and this shocked our young people in the cattle camp to why I made it here while I am a mere student and not them in the cattle camp,” he said.

Miss Kimo Jansi Marol the winner over other eleven ladies confirmed her position in the contest.

“I am a winner of the Year 2021 which is unbelievable to me, I was very committed to this over four years now and I appreciate my fans who voted for me,” she said.

Cesar Melody who was the trainer of these 22 contestants echoed that, the exercise was organized in the interest of peace among the communities of Yirol and the best will also compete abroad.

Madol Nationdit the CEO acknowledged the confidence of the two selected beauty pageants in Yirol and that it encourages peace and harmony among the three sections of Yirol communities.

The guest of honor was Mr. Bang Mayor representing the governor of Lakes State alongside Mary Adeng of the SPLM.

This is the second time for Yirol Beauty Pageant to be organized, Miss Ayen Dhieu of 2019 to 2020 was in attendance and witnessed the 2020 to 2021 winners.P

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