A foot for thought

MPs visit to Kenya and Rwanda is an achievement

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The report published in the newspaper said that 30 female Parliamentarians will visit Kenya and Rwanda from 20th  and 29thof this month. That was good news and it is a big achievement for the leaders who were pointed for this important visit. It was great idea to visit those countries and get experiences from them. They will learn how to manage affairs of the country, I am sure if they return from those countries, they will come with different ideas on how to improve their work in the parliament.

According to the information, the original plan was that the visit was for both males and females. Due to the policy of the Organization, it was only limited to females. That doesn’t mean men cannot go I wish CEPO would get another donation for males so that they also benefit from such kind of visit.

Therefore, development of Parliament was meant for all, for the reason that those members came from different locations. They are representing people in different areas based in Geographical territory. They were nominated and elected by people and political parties.  They were representing them in the Parliament to do the right things for South Sudan.

 The knowledge they will obtain from the visit would be used in different areas, to benefit people of South Sudan. Let them seek information on how to sustain peace in the country as it is one of the most important agenda in the country. Peace in the country would lead to so many things to be done better for people.

It is for the first time big numbers of women were nominated to pay visit to Kenya and Rwanda as Parliamentarians. However, women by nature are good listeners, eager to learn and advocating for peace.

I wish them the best and hope that MPs would improve more under the leadership of Jemma NunuKuba, the newly speaker.

May God bless us all.

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