MPs told to stop requesting for leave

By Morris Dogga

The Deputy Speaker in the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) has warned Members of Parliament to cease requesting for leave in pretext of participating in the National Dialogue in their constituencies.

While opening a sitting yesterday, Timothy Tot Chol, said there are now a lot of requests that are being submitted to his office by the MPs who want to go and start the implementation of the National Dialogue in their constituencies.

He said the absence of some MPs during sittings is making it very difficult to pass some important documents that are being tabled before the August House.

He called on the MPs to stay calm as they wait for the speaker Anthony Lino Makana who is away, to come back and meet the President in order to discuss having a recess for the parliament.

“Let me ask all the MPs to wait until that time comes otherwise we will not have the quorum to pass some of the most important issues that are coming up now,” Chol said.

“I also urged the Chief Whips not to recommend MPs to go except on very crucial issues like health,” he added.

During the sitting yesterday the quorum was about 191 MPs, out of which 165 were present and 26 took permission.

In the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (ARCSS), the expanded Transitional National Legislative Assembly  comprise of four hundred (400) members, including the previous three hundred and thirty two (332) members and an additional sixty-eight (68) appointees from South Sudan armed opposition, Former Detainees and other Political Parties.

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