Parliament seems to be set for the first sitting of the new and old comers to the august house according to communication from the chamber, all MPs are required to start registering from yesterday. It is hoped that after the registration, the legislators will be sworn and the business will start. There are a lot of expectation that the general public will be wishing to be addressed by members of parliament. Among them the insecurity, the threat or the looming hunger that would affect more than seven million people in the country, the issues of returnees and refugees alike and the revenue generation to run the affairs of the country. It is hoped that coming fresh legislators in the house,should be having charisma to articulate issues that have and continues to affect the common-man. Indeed a number of issues from the past parliament which were left pending and which are of the interests of the public should not be left unsolved. They should be brought forward and be included in the expected sittings together with the current or new matters to be brought before the house. The public expect the bloated house to handle matters of national interests instead of dwelling on mediocre which do not have value to the citizens and the country at large. Still the M.Ps should not concentrate their efforts in Juba but should be able to be in touch with their localities to know the needs of their people who should be expecting them to deliver. They should be able to guide their constituents on what to do at what time for the good of the entire nation. The legislators should stop the habit of living in big hotels where they regularly meet their constituents but to go to rural areas when time allows to be with them and help tackle their needs.

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