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MPs call for reform in the army


Members of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly during a secession yesterday (Photo by Morris Dogga)

BY Martha David

As the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) celebrates the 35th Anniversary since its formation in 1983, some members of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly have called for serious reforms in the army.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, the Lawmakers said the day was worth celebrating but expressed concerns over the professionalism of the army.

Lawmaker Dhurai Mabor said the SPLA had not lived up to the objectives of its formation because the army is not acting professionally in their work.

“The objectives of the SPLM were not being implemented by the officials. They are just on paper but they have not been implemented,” he said.

“I urge the opposition and the government to work together to bring peace to the country,” Mabor said.

He stressed the best that can be done to celebrate this day was by bringing peace through compromise.

Rose Adau, a Member of Parliament representing Twic state called for unity among South Sudanese saying it was only through the unity of the SPLA that the country’s independence was brought.

“It’s the beginning of the struggle of the liberation and it’s very important to celebrate this day. I urge south Sudanese be united, and to accept each other so that we live in peace,” she said.

For Joyce Dusman, the chairperson of women parliamentary caucus, the size of the army needs to be fixed to a maximum number that can be managed.

She further urged the military leadership to stop recruiting militias who have not gone through any military training into the army.

“The size of the army needs to be fixed.  The recruitment of the militia to the army has to stop and the salaries of the army need to be increased and to be given on time so that they cannot engage themselves in criminal acts,” she said.

Meanwhile MP for other political parties said that there is need to enact tough regulations for the transformation of the army.

The 16th of May is celebrated every year as the SPLA day. It is the day when the SPLM/A launched rebellion against the government of Sudan in 1983.

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