By Hon. Remijo Lasu Peter (MP)


Members of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) are not rebels as circulated in some sections of the media. They are part of the government. Half of the executive, including the Vice President, Presidential Advisors and Ministers are members of TNLA. Then how can the government rebel against itself? Normally rebels stay in the bush, but the MPs are in the town! How can they be rebels? The amendment of the Emoluments Act for the Constitutional Post Holders doesn’t chase them to the bush to become rebels.

The Constitutional Post Holders, are; The President,  the Vice President, Speaker of the parliament, Presidential Advisors, National Ministers, Auditor general, Chairpersons of the TNLA and the Chairpersons of Independent Commissions. The ordinary Members of TNLA are not Constitutional Post Holders, but they are included in the law because they, like the constitutional post holders don’t receive salaries in the payroll of the Public service. The salaries of the civil servants can’t be included in the same emolument act. The parliament allocates them during the budget, and the Ministry of Public Service prepares them into their pay roll.

The reasons for amending the “Emoluments and privileges of Constitutional Post Holders and Members of the Legislative Assemblies Act 2010” are as follows:

First, the Constitution has been amended, in which names such as National Legislative Assembly (SSLA) has been changed to “Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA)”. So the law was guiding SSLA, not TNLA. Amendment is part of the role of the parliament in overseeing the executive. The Act is supposed to be amended every five years. It was enacted in 2005, amended in 2010 and due to be amended in 2015. However it is overdue for a period of three years.

Secondly, the Act is a legal guide to the financial administrators, accountants and cashiers in calculating the emoluments of the constitutional post holders and the members of the assembly, during their period of service and their post service benefits, so that they don’t grab for themselves more than what has been prescribed in the law.

The author is a Member of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly representing Constituency no.13, Morobo County. He can be reached via email: p.lasu@yahoo.co.uk







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