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MPs are not doing enough -Gbandi

Peter Bashir Gbandi, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs

By Jale Richard

The minister of parliamentary affairs has challenged members of parliament, to live up to their mandates of oversight and accountability to ensure democracy and good governance in the country.

Peter Bashir Gbandi who is also a member of parliament at the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) has challenged his colleagues for not doing enough in their oversight role.

Gbandi made the remarks while addressing political party leaders at the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, who were attending a meeting on governance and multi-party democracy in the country.

The meeting was aimed at creating working relations between the ministry, all political parties and partners to promote democracy, good governance, and multiparty democracy, said Dharuai Mabor Teny, Deputy Director of Political Parties affairs.

He said that the meeting was intended to create a platform for engaging political parties in process of peace making, and national dialogue.

Gbandi said for the country to achieve good governance, it should accept checks and balances within the executive through the parliament. “The parliament should be able to exercise its constitutional mandate in terms of oversight, representation and legislation,” Gbandi said. “We must have an accountable government. If there is no oversight, there will be no good governance,” he added.

Gabriel Roric Jur, the political parties’ Chief Whip in the TNLA complained that, the parliament is sometimes not holding the executive accountable.

He accused the ministers for not turning up, whenever they are summoned by the parliament to present achievements of their ministries, they do not turn up, but are always present during budgeting to solicit for more money for their ministries.

“We are not doing our job. If we can do our job we can impeach the minister who is not doing his work, or corrupt,” he said. “I have never seen a minister impeached” he wondered.

Minister Gbandi said, the parliamentarians should not complain about challenges they are facing in the parliament because the constitution gives them the mandate to exercise their powers.

He said the reforms that are outlined in the peace agreement should emanate from the parliament before they are enacted in to laws.

Gbandi challenged politicians to put the interest of their people first before their own interests to reform the country.

He said the members of parliament should change their attitude towards power and positions which drag the country in to conflicts.

“If we unite in the parliament for peace and support the government for peace we will achieve it today,” he said.

Gbandi urged the political party leaders to use the platform that is created to restore the country to what it used to be.

The minister said even if the current security situations are not favorable, some members of parliaments do not go back to their electorates, to hear their issues.

Edmund Yakani of CEPO said it is the responsibility of the political leaders to be democratic and accountable before they take up political positions in the country.

He said the civil society organizations would support political parties and ensure that they are democratic, accountable and inclusive.

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