MP urges students to prioritize technical education

By: Peter Gatkuoth

A Member of Parliament in the National Transitional Legislative Assembly has urged students to prioritise technical education.

Speaking during the launch of Torit Vocational Training Center, the Chairperson of South Sudan Parliamentary Network on Population and Development, Majur Babur said the students should take lead in prioritizing vocational technical educational training.

“I am sure if you have one mechanic amongst you working in the market, she/she can receive ten times of what I am receiving, so don’t take vocational training as jokes, it is real thing,” Babur said.

He stressed that the community must not look down upon technical training that can help the people, it is technical education that make progress in the whole world.

“If I am coming from Juba using my own car and I got spare somewhere here and I will hire bodaboda to come and look for Mechanic and will pay him/her while it is your duty and you can see how expensive mechanical person is,” he disclosed.

He further urged the students not to be discouraged by the community that technical education was nothing so the boys could take the lead in this process.

“If you go to market with graduate from University those from theoretical fields you will be the first to get job because if you go to NGO and say you are lawyers, they will say, they need mechanic and the lawyer will come when there is case and when there is no case what will you get,” he stated.

The Torit Vocational Training offers the courses like masonry, Information, communication and Technology (ICT), Mechanical and electricity , Tailoring and lifelong skills and cabinet and carpentry.

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