MP dismisses statement on lecturer’s death

By: Martha David

A Member of Parliament representing Greater Lakes has rejected the report by the Minister of Interior over the killing Chol Bol.

Late Bol Chol, a lecturer in the College of Law at the University of Juba was shot dead on Sunday in Gudele by unknown armed men alleged to be in police uniform.

While addressing the national Members of Parliament on Tuesday over the increasing insecurity in Juba, the Minister of Interior Michael Chiangjiek said the dead of late Bol was a “revenge killing.”

In response Dharuai Mabor Teny dismissed the claim by the Interior Minister.

“The killing of the lecturer was not a revenge killing that has been stated by the Minister of Interior before the Government,” Teny said.

 “This statement is not true because the killing which accrued on Sunday evening was not actually investigated and confirmed as a revenge killing from the community rather a killing from the government,” Mabor added.

Mabor explained that the statement has caused tension among youth within the community and tarnished their image.

He blamed the security organs over issue of unknown gunmen which is circulating all over the country.

 “We ask the Ministry of Interior to revoke the statement and make sure that investigation is done and the culprit is apprehended,” Mabor stressed.

The MP called upon the community to be calm until the issue is investigated for the culprit to be apprehended.

“The killing of the lecturer is very sensitive because he has been serving thousands of students in the country,” he said.

Earlier, the Members of Parliament summoned the Minister of Interior, Minister of Defense and National Security over the rampant insecurity in the capital Juba and called on them to step down if they cannot manage the position.

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