MP demands nullifying of SSD number plate

A lawmaker representing Yei town at the national parliament, Bidali Moses is calling on the Minister of Interior to nullify the SSD number plate because the power for the production of number plates, driving licenses, and the licensing of vehicles lies upon the state government.

“In shedule B, section 37, vehciles licensing is in the power of the states, number plate issuance are all within the power of states according to the constitution,” Bidali said.

He noted that the decision by the Council of  Ministers is actually encroachment to a certain level of government.

Bidali said, “ the level of intimidation on people by the police is not right because you cannot take my log book, remove my number plate when it has not yet expired. If you are changing it then we should be given time to do it gradually.”

He stressed that if the SSD number plates are reflecting the country code like what we have in the passport then we call for the amendment of the constitution such that it can have a weight and be legal.

“If SSD is an official number plate why then don’t we amend the constitution first before introducing the number plates?,” Bidali asked.

“So the procedure itself is wrong and SSD number plate is completely illigal. I can sue the government anytime because what they are doing is not in order,” Bidali added.

He said that SSD itself is not reflected in the financial bill, saying the public do not know where the money will go.

“Since all other things are suspended untill the budget is passed, we will have an avenue that the minister will come and clarify all these,” he said.

Bidali stressed that, he can use the number plates; CE, JS and  others because its provided by law and its very clear in the constitution.

Bidali urged the authorities to respect the laws of the country and the citizens because its our country and we don not need intimidation, as it is unlawful to remove people’s number plates and forcing them to do things against their wish and against the laws of the country.

“The Minister of  Interior issued an order, but the order cannot override the constitution because the constitution was signed by the President,” Bidali said.

He said anything to do with any private number which is gurranteed by the law has to be respected.

By Scovia Duku

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