MP condemns grenade attack in Wau

By:  Kitab A Unango

A Member of Parliament representing Wau at the Transitional National Legislative Assembly has condemned last week grenade attack which killed two and injured 22 others.

On Friday evening, a soldier belonging to Division Five threw grenade on people at tea place in Eastern Bank Market in Wau leaving a trail of casualties.

Simon Udom said such an attack by members of the organized forces was improper as the mandate of the men in the camouflage regalia is to protect civilians and their properties.

”Such attack is not acceptable, people are working towards peace implementation. It is wrong to kill civilians even if you have problems with him or her,” Udom said.

”Anybody should not take law into his or her hand. If there is any problem report to the authorities to handle and find better solution than killing,” he added.

The motive behind the incident is yet to be ascertained but unconfirmed report says a soldier had a quarrel with a tea vender, prompting the suspect to run home and pick the grenade he later used to commit the crime.

However, Udom said the suspect has been arrested and was under investigation to know why he inflicted such grieved pain on citizens.

He said keeping of guns at residential areas was a threat to the wellbeing of civilians, calling on the government to ensure all guns were kept in stores.

”The problem is that soldiers stay with guns at homes; they are not kept in stores. So if anything happens and he is provoked, it is easy for him to get the gun and do what he wants to do,” Udom said.

”What I want to tell citizens is that they should cooperate with authorities and report those who keep guns with them at home so that their security is guaranteed,” he said.

Udom pointed out that the general situation is calm and called on relatives of victims to remain calm and wait for the law to take its course.

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