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MP appeals for funding of an orphanage Centre in Juba


 Deng Dau at the Centre during the occasion [Photo by Emmanuel Loro]

By Emmanuel Loro William      

A Member of Parliament has called on the international organization to give support to Nile Orphan Care with furniture such as desks and construction of more class rooms for learning.

Deng Dau who represents Twic East in the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) made the call during the occasion organized on Saturday in shirikat suburb to raise funds for the construction of the Centre.

The occasion was organized under the theme “construction of Orphanage home”

“I am appealing to children’s agencies like Save the Children, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to help the orphanage Centre,” he said

He further applauded the Donors and the founders of Nile Orphan Care for the wonderful work done to bring together the Orphans.

Meanwhile the Executive Director of Nile Orphan Care, Mr. John Deng Ater said the centre does not have enough classrooms to accommodate all the children.

Ater further stated that they do not have enough money to pay the teachers.

He however applauded the efforts that had been made by the donors in giving their unlimited support.

According to Ater the Centre is currently supporting students in Kenya and Uganda.

One of the teachers Ajok Michael Akol said they don’t have enough text books for teaching forcing them to use different syllabus.

“The school is mixing Curriculum with the one of Kenya especially for upper classes due to scarcity of books,” Akol lamented.

He said they were working very hard to bring up responsible Citizens who can also become future leaders.

He further explains how the school was advancing saying they were giving extra curriculum activities, like Debate, Drama and scout.

Meanwhile representative of the Orphans Mr. John Kat stressed the need to support them saying orphans and widows are being neglected by the Community.

“Why are Orphans allowed to weep and starve yet we have our large Communities? Kat asked.

“They need to be cared for.  If we are brought up in a systematic way, through Religious Teachings and free education, we will become future leaders,” he added.

Nile Orphan was formed in 2013 in Yei and relocated to Juba in 2017 with an aim of restoring hope for Orphans in South Sudan through free quality education and care from primary to Secondary School, through Inter-ethnic academy, NOC education sector.

Nile Orphan Care Provides Nutritional meal for Orphans with support from love the Hunger, USA.

And to promote the indigenous food production through NOC, agriculture sector.

The Orphan Centre is having about nine hundred and fourteen Orphans from Primary 1 to 8.

The objective of the inter- ethnic Academy sector, under Nile Orphan Care is to make sure that the Orphans reach to Secondary School.

Orphans queuing up for lunch during the occasion at Shirikat

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