Moti Orphanage Center runs out of space

By: Kabaka Quintous

The Director for Moti Orphanage Center of Torit County in Eastern Equatoria State Peter Lomogo has raised concern over lack of space at the facility.

He said they could not accommodate any new children due to overcrowded dormitories.

Moti Orphanage Center is one of the anti-trafficking networks and an independent institution on interdenominational faith groups with three centers operating across the country.

It currently hosts 393 orphans in its Centre of Eastern Equatoria State.

Lomogo said limited funding was another factor hindering their ability to enroll new children in the school.

“We have challenges, and those challenges we are able to solve some but others are very difficult because with the number of kids here, we may not accommodate them all in the buildings that we have here because they are many, so we need a sizable building so that we can accommodate,” he explained.

Lomogo said they needed spacious area with good ventilation that provides an opportunity for other kids to be brought.

Director Lomogo calls on government and donors to intervene in supporting children of special needs for better learning.

He said addressing the challenges needs a collective effort.

“The solution cannot come from one person but needs a collective effort, we urge those who can offer help to come and see the orphan’s situation so that if they have any support we say they are welcome. We in the orphanage are also doing our best to partner with some people to rescue the situation”, he added.

Lolik Anthony, the Head Teacher of Moti Orphanage School called for cooperation between guardians and school administration in curbing the school challenges.

Lolik said teachers are working hard to ensure all children in the area have access to learning amidst crisis.

“My message to the communities/personnel having their children here please we need to cooperate, stop listening to the rumors that have been going outside there that the center had been closed, no, we are working to ensure our children attain their goals”, he said.

Stephen Ohia Savero, Payam Administrator for Ifwotu in Torit County said the establishment of the Centre in the area did not only benefit the children but also the local community.

 “The people around here are benefiting from the school, they also get drugs from the orphanage health center here and the children enrolled from the community here is a great achievement,” he said.

“Our first goal is to see that the children go to school. It is very unfortunate that during the crisis of 2016 to present, all schools in Ifwotu Payam were closed but we are working hard to reopen some of them,” Ohia added.

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