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Mothers trained on impacts of HIV/AID on children

By Bida Elly David

Anti -Retroviral Therapy department in Al-Sabah children’s hospital yesterday held a one-day drill for lactating mothers on the negative impacts of HIV/AIDS on children.

The training was meant to create awareness to pregnant and lactating mothers on the hazardous impacts of the disease on children and the need to seek early testing.

Flora Michael, a mentor mother in Al-Sabah children’s hospital pointed out that most pregnant and lactating mothers often ignore medical consultations, putting at risk the health of the growing babies.

‘’Pregnant and lactating Mothers sometimes ignore going for medical test to determine their medical status for the prosperity of their children. The training held was to mentor them on the significance of knowing their HIV/AIDS to enable them know when and how to breastfeed their children with an aim to avoid transmission’’

Flora lamented that women with HIV often find themselves stigmatised, reducing their hope in taking  ARVs which play a great role in reducing the level of the virus in the body.

She urged infected mothers and others at homes to be close to medical attention and proper feeding in order to remain healthy.

‘’Most infected women tend to be stigmatised due to the stress caused by the infection not knowing that ARVs play a significant role in reducing the rate of the virus in the body. Infected mothers should be paid a close attention in taking drugs and feeding’’ She said

Flora furthermore advised mothers, especially lactating ones to go for general check up to enable them know their health statuses.

However Robert Anyama, a senior clinical officer, reiterated the awareness was not only focused on HIV/AIDS alone rather in general components.

He pointed out that the positive impact of the training to mothers was to enable them to know their medical statuses for their health benefits as well as their children.

“The positive impact of the training was to help mothers to know their health statuses as well as their children. The awareness was not focused on HIV/AIDS alone rather on the complexity of other health complications’’

Furthermore, Robert jagged out that the training is organised annually through the use of tools as teaching pictorial schemes to enable women to understand it pictorially.

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