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Mothers should take care of children

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

This is a piece of advice to all mothers in the families, communities and the country at large. There is a scenario going on within Juba and beyond about the cases of rape. This has been happening throughout mostly in conflict hit areas and families.

Last Saturday, Juba Monitor got a document from Muslim women who complained of what had taken place in their community.

The report said a seventeen years old girl in Muslim Community was raped, forced to make abortion and marry a certain man. Sometimes, you may think that religious institutions are the best to educate children in a better way but currently, do not trust them; the world has changed.

Moreover, do not trust any man if you don’t know his character to live with your children especially girls who are vulnerable in any situation. According to the story published on Saturday by Juba Monitor newspaper, a girl was forced into marriage and abortion by Muslim leader.  In that document, Muslim women were asking government to protect them on sexual abuse being done to them by Muslim leaders in Juba. The information continued saying that last month, a young girl was abused, impregnated and a forced abortion was done to her.

The directive for abortion came from the person who impregnated her who was a religious leader (Sheikh} in one of the teaching centers (Khalawi}. It further said the perpetrator should be accountable for the act and so many recommendations were laid out to prove justice to Muslim women.

It is unfortunate to hear that a religious institution is practicing immoral activities that are not expected to be conducted by the responsible people in the country. Where is the religious teaching that promotes good education and society in the country. According to the report, this scenario had been happening for a long time. It has become common in the Muslim community in Juba. 

The statement also said the perpetrator was arrested, but in the process of following the case; he was no longer in police station.  The perpetrator is to face judgment and the girl is to get medical treatment. The abortion conducted to her had affected her physically and psychologically.

She needs healing. If there is an organization supporting such kinds of conditions, itshould come up and help her. In addition to that, such kind of abuse is to stop among women and young girls in the country.

According to the report also, most of these abuses were being carried out by foreigners who were Muslims.They were tarnishing the name of Muslim Religion. Therefore, the concerned authorities must take action against the perpetrator in this regard; otherwise,those Muslim leaders should be monitored and Islamic religion would be reviewed in the country.

Any religion that is doing evil action is a fake religion; we need a religion that promotes faith and produces better people in the society and the country at large.

May God bless us all.

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