Mother of triplets urge pregnant women to seek Antenatal Health Care

By Pazlo Emmanuel

A mother, Nunu Charity, who gave birth to triplets on Tuesday in Yei River state advised pregnant women to always go for  maternity checkup for safe childbirth.

Meanwhile, Night Sarah, a midwife also urged all pregnant mothers to always visit Antenatal care at the Health Centers on time, saying most expectant mothers sometimes face difficulties during birth because they do not visit the Antenatal Health Centre.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor, the mother of the triplets, Nunu Charity appealed for basic assistance from the government and Non-Governmental Organizations, saying taking care of the babies is another great task ahead of them. she said it would be harder if they are not supported by well-wishers.

“It is a blessing from God that I gave birth to two boys and a girl,” Charity said. “But due to the looming crisis in the country it is going to be so hard for us to take care of the infants,” she added.

Meanwhile her husband, Hilary Lokonga, said taking care of the babies is not going to be easy and appealed to any willing body to help them.

“The babies belong to the country,” Lokonga said. “I ask God to guide us in taking good care of them.”


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