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Mother of murdered children travel chocking

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

When the news of three children murdered in Rock City in August, 2020 breakout, it was hot news in the country. Everybody was disappointed   and chocked when heard the news and sympathized with the family. This became a national issue for the authorities in the country.

Most of the people including women participated in the right of the children and advocated for the investigation to be done and the perpetrator must face the law.  On the other hand, Church leaders from different denominations conducted several prayers so that God would listen to the right of the children and encouraged the parents to put everything in the hands of God.

 The funeral of the children was conducted in a prayerful way so that God intervene and help the parents, friends and the relatives on the situation.  Indeed it had happened and many media houses in the country covered the incident and still following up the case. When the perpetrator was apprehended, many people were happy and hope that the case would be handled in just way, and the perpetrator will face the law since he has been found guilty.

What surprise public was that the information published in the newspapers on 12th October 2020 said that the mother of the three children who were killed was caught escaping to Egypt before finalization of her children’s case in the court.  The information went as far as that she changed her names and holding different documents for travelling. These information gave different picture and motive of the mother of victims, and I am sure people will have different analysis. 

Some questions will be raised by people, to why she was travelling to Egypt using fake documents. Why she didn’t waiting until the case is finalized and then travel freely. Many people would wonder on what the mother of the victims did.

It wasn’t a normal situation to see a mother which something had happened to her children in a manner that’s not very clear and tried to travel in wrong way.   As I mentioned above earlier many people stood with her, she should have wait whatever circumstances. I know the situation wasn’t easy but it better to follow legal procedures and see what would be the final result from the court.  Escaping is not solution, she must remained courageous enough until case is finalized and should not do something that will be regrettable in life.

May God bless us all.

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