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More than 70 Military officers graduate on Trauma and Healing

By John Agok

Favor Africa International yesterday graduated seventy-nine military officers on Trauma, Healing counseling, forgiveness, and reconciliation seminar in Juba.

The Church based Organization trained Army officers from police, wildlife, and prisoners among others in a bid to recover from post-conflict traumas and begin to transform their hearts to transform the nation.  

Addressing the graduands, Taban Michael, the former Chair of the South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC) to Army generals to believe in God and shun sin which is the cause of all trauma and distress. He said it is the divine favor of God that can lead you into a good relationship and endure the hardship.

“Suspicion and conflict enter into human beings as a result of Eve and Adam’s sin. We all in the business sector, religious leaders, political leaders, and Army experience the impact of trauma. This impact through social, ecological, economic, political, and religious. I know you endured hard times through Lord Jesus Christ”, he said.

“Let’s the death find you when you are very happy and free yourself from anxiety, stress, and fear of the unknown.  It is good you have learned the concept of forgiveness and reconciliation and know the stages of trauma. I thanked your facilitators for taking you through this seminar and I believe you will transform yourselves and the rest of the people from trauma manifestation”, he added. 

Pastor Collin, the facilitator echoed that, there should be a sense of belonging and cherish citizenship. He urged Army officers to be patriotic and love their country as one loves the church.

“I have been reading the Bible and in its scripture of 1Peter 2:13-17, it clearly says, you endure like soldiers, Athletes, and farmers. These people cannot give up or derail from their conviction whether for both bad and good seasons. You must filter out negative manifestations and embrace the positive mindset that nourishes you spiritually and become productive”, Collin said.

Nonetheless, Maj. Gen.  Jambo Wani Kenyi, the Director-General of the Chaplains Corps called on President Salva Kiir Mayardit to allow him to reach out to all Army Commanders and have such sessions in order for them to get transformed.                                     

“My goal is to reach out to all commanders in the field and have such seminar with them so that they can get transformed and I believe the National Transition Army is formed”, said Kenya.

Hakim Ezra from Favour Africa International revealed that the mission is to transform hearts to transform the Nation.

Last Month, Favour Africa International trained 45 Military Officers in Bilpham Headquarters on the very Trauma, Healing Counseling, and forgiveness reconciliation course.

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