More than 400 trucks arrived in Nimule

Transit Cargos upon arrival in Nimule town

By Bida Elly David

Over 400 transit trucks that were detained in Malaba along Ugandan, Kenya border have finally arrived border town of Nimule after the removal of the Covid-19 retest barrier.

This arose after a series of protests carried by traders over heavy tariffs and double charges on the Covid-19 retest mechanism by the Ugandan Revenue Authority and the Ministry of health making difficulties towards reaching exports to their destinations.

Speaking to the Media this week, Daniel Deng a clearance agent at the Nimule customs said that the arrival of the trucks happened as a result of efforts done by the National Ministry of trade through coordination with the Ugandan government to rescue the situation through which South Sudan went through the economic recession.

‘’Through the efforts of the National Ministry of foreign affairs in collaboration with the Ugandan government, we have so far received Cargos in big numbers especially those detained in Malaba and Mombasa. The total estimate of the trucks that arrived are 400 in number those this is not the actual estimate’’ Deng said

According to Deng, more trucks were yet undergoing clearance at Elegu in order to cross into Nimule and much effort have been put to ensure that unnecessary delay at the custom was mitigated.

‘’As clearing agents, we are working hard to ensure that we don’t cause delays in the customs clearance as well as in the transit of Cargos going to Juba’’ Deng stressed’’ He stressed

He finally echoed that the entry of the trucks into the Country would boost the crippled economy that declined few weeks ago due to the boarder issues in regard to taxes.

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