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More than 30 women graduated from tailoring

By Yiep Joseph

At least 34 women graduated from tailoring with support from Pawuoi Princess Organization(PPO) as part of their women empowerment program.

Pawuoi princess is a national non-governmental organization meant to empower women in all aspects of life particularly bringing more women to economic growth and development.

While addressing the gathering during the inauguration ceremony yesterday, the former primateEpiscopal Church of South SudanDaniel Deng Bul called on all the graduates to put all the skills acquired into practice.

“After this graduation, I expect all of you to go and work. Don’t put your certificates in your bag and remain seated at home.

If you don’t practice you will forget, therefore go and practice, you can start your work with clothes of your family then go for your neighbors and proceed,” Deng said.

He requested men to allow their women have time to practice and acquire skills that can enable them work andget money.

However, the guest of day Alier Garang Ajak   appreciated the effort made by the organization and urged them to put more effort in order to lift the financial status of women.

He pledged five tailoring machines as part of his support to the organizations.

Meanwhile the patron of the Day Mamour Bul urged women to work hard to help and support their families where necessary.

A beneficiary Abuk Deng Chuol   appreciated the work done by the organization.

Abuk promised to put all the skills acquired from the training intopractice in order to get little money for her family.

“We will not sit down idle, we will be good tailors who will work hard and gain something for us and our families,” Abuk said.

She encouraged women to join the next training in order to acquire skills to enable them work and bring something on the table in their families. 

Akon Malek the chairlady of the organization appreciated all those who contributed and helped either directly or indirectly to the progress of the women empowerment program.

“It is your support as community and well-wishers of progress that gave us the zeal to train the 34 women who are graduating today,” Akon said.

“We contributed among ourselves and some well wishers also helped us to facilitate this program,” she added.

she also appreciated all the members (Princess) in diaspora who always helped the organization in all aspects being moral or finance at their various levels.

She called on all the partners and the well-wishers to help and provide support to the organization either in terms of finance or material support.

She revealed that the organization has many empowerment programs that are meant to empower women to gain economic strength and growth.

“We have many empowerment programs for both girls and women only that we are facing financial constraints in our organization. And if we get support hopefully we will  empower the society,” she said.

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