More than 170,000 school girls receive cash transfer

By Moses Gum Degur

More than 170,000 school girls across the country have successfully received the cash transfer in the last four weeks, according to a statement issued by the communications officer of the Girls’ Education South Sudan (GESS) Programme, Hannah Rollings.


“Since October GESS Programme had successfully reached more than 170,000 girls with cash transfers in all of the former ten states of South Sudan,” Ms. Rollings said.

She said almost eighty percent of the imbursements have been made before the planned sixty days of payment. Initially the GESS programme planned to complete all payments by the end of this month.

The report said Girls Education in South Sudan and the Ministry of General Education and Instructions had a zero-tolerance policy towards any misuse of the funds meant for the support of girl-child educatio and  improper act.

Earlier, Michael Lopuke Lotyam, the Undersecretary in the Education Ministry, wrote to all officials and schools that GESS and the ministry  had a zero tolerance of fraud and corruption, and will press for serious penalties for any attempt to dishonestly access, divert or misuse the funds.

The Undersecretary further said there would be no blame for those who report promptly and truthfully if something had gone wrong. The report also stated that a full range of measures were in place to minimise any incidents surrounding cash transfer payments.

“The programme is working alongside the national, state, county and payam level to ensure the money reached the intended recipients and that schools, teachers and communities fulfill their obligations,” The GESS statement warned.

It further said, “Girls are free to receive the full amount without the risk of intimidation, loss of funds, theft, violence, or any other setback.”

The GESS office revealed that few incidents in the process of payment occurred including, girls lost cash transfer money in a reported house burglary in Juba last week.  GESS office promised to follow up the incident with the school and the relevant authorities.

During the 2017 cash transfer payments; there were reported incidents involving less than 0.002 percent of the total amount of cash transfers, and most of these cases were resolved.  The report also said, “in order to maintain this strong performance, concerned parents and community members are encouraged to help monitor and report on any case of misappropriation by giving information to the 24-hour helpline and  the team would follow up on any complaints or incidents.”

GESS is an initiative of the Ministry of General Education and

Instruction of South Sudan, and funded by the UK government. GESS is working nationwide to transform the lives of school girls and reduce poverty amongst the generation of children in South Sudan, specially girls through education.

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