More men get covid-19 jabs than women

By Hassan Arun Cosmas-Yei

Covid-19 task force committee in Yei River County of Central Equatorial State on Saturdaysaid thatmore males have received coronavirus vaccine than women.

The Covid-19 taskforce technical working group reported Saturday that 832 people got vaccinated in Yei River County but majority were men.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an interview, Yei Hospital Coordinator Dr. John Manya said there is high demand for the vaccines in Yei as they have vaccinated many people in five days from the 1000 doses sent by the national taskforce.

Dr. Manya said the National Taskforce was impressed with the result and they are willing to send another 1500 dose on Tuesday.

“There is high demand for more vaccines in Yei. You can see that from the last five vaccination days, the demand is obvious. We received one thousand doses meant for one thousand people but as I speak now, until yesterday we have vaccinated a total of 832 from Monday to Friday,” Manya said.

Dr. Joyce Dominic ACROSS Project Manager and member of the Covid-19 taskforce, attributed the low turn up of women to various misconception going around about Covid-19 vaccine.

She advised that the dose does not affect women during menstruation period.

“Out of these eight hundred and thirty-two people vaccinated, what we have observed is that more males got vaccinated than the females. There could be misconceptionwhy women are not coming for the vaccination. We encourage women to get vaccinated because they are in the high-risk group,” Dr. Joyce said.

She explained that only 28 people were reported with mild side effects from the 832 people vaccinated, but that it did not affect them on their daily activities.

She revealed headache, fever, general body pain which could be treated with pain killers.

“What we have registered as a challenge is the common side effects of immunization which are headache, fever and general body pain which could be treated by mere paracetamol,” she said.

Mary Dawa one of thecitizens who felt minor side effects.

She complained that they were told that the vaccine was poisonous to human.

Dawa wondered why people from the age of 18 below were not part of the vaccination if it was meant to protect everyone.

“We are aware that the covid-19 vaccine will reduce the age of the young people. So, I don’t want to see that my age is reduced and I don’t live to the time God wants me to stay.We should not be deceived because of illiteracy. How can they bring vaccines which are expired and they want to use on our poor people? Let those who feel that the vaccines are safe go ahead with the vaccination,” Ms.  Dawa argued.

The covid-19 vaccination beneficiaries who received the first vaccination phase expressed happiness and expect the second phase to be administered to them to strengthen  their immunity.

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