The National Dialogue Steering Committee is set to increase list of agenda to be covered by the team during their national and grassroots deliberations. This list is to be passed to the President who initially initiated and mooted the idea of the dialogue process. It is a noble undertaking if the additional in the process would be for the good of the country. Already their work is being felt and has been trying to reach all inclusively. It would be paramount to note that what is expected is an agreement of all sundries and a workable peace process to return this country to its normal cause. Whatever is good for the country and the citizen should be given maximum priority in all directions. Doubting minds thinks or are of the view that the additional list should not be forwarded to the leadership fearing compromised agenda. How can that be if it is the same you who is required to give his or her own feelings, opinion or idea? It is illogical to argue of compromising while the team has been crisscrossing the country and the world seeking to know the feeling of the people from down-up. And bring them in the open for implementation geared towards peace process. People should not gossip on matters of national concern and should give credit where it is due. The committee’s mandate includes security, system of governance, addressing power struggle, communal conflicts, democracy, national economy, issues of boundaries and national identity. The committee intends to add peace building, healing and reconciliation, reform of national army, return of refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) land issues, resources and social culture. These statuses should be discussed at the grassroots level where people did not know much about the peace agreement contents. These are national commitment which should not be translated to favor an individual or group of one thinking minds. The Steering committee is on the right path of action and should move faster against time.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


Wonders never cease to exist in this world and it is most important to understand that in life, once upon a time, never under-rate a fellow human being as long as life is within their breath or heart. This is the reality we ponder as to who is going to be vetted for the East Africa Legislative Assembly by the August house. The keeper of the house Anthony Lino Makana, has sounded the trumpet for those interested and who had applied for the nine positions to avail themselves during or at the soonest most moment to be announced. We grouped to coin some names we thought would be in the front list of the house. We started nitty-gritting with our supposed choices.  This time the country was following the laws in the constitution to the latter. No more court battle for translation and interpretation of the law witnessed in the East African Court in which the ruling dismissed the earlier selection of the regional assembly MPs. Then it seems like a blow to our country but it was not. It went far to demonstrate how the leadership and the country respect the rule of law internally and externally. As we debate on who will be who in the regional assembly with hefty all inclusive allowances, our common friend came from what can be described “nowhere” because he was not with us and yet he was with us. SaTP heard and read our minds like an astrologer. He knew what we were thinking but shocked us when he revealed he had been to parliament building to see none other than, Mr. Speaker Sir. He narrated his mission to the big house was to submit his application for the nine vacancies in the regional bloc house. The pressure had been on him from his people to take up the challenges of being one of the country’s MP in the EALA. He had outlived the national status and should take up the work in which he will be based in Arusha, Tanzania. His was a calling not from himself, but from his people who he dearly long to serve in any given capacity. The vacancy in EALA was a God sent opportunity which he was ready to take upon being vetted and selected within his political set-up. He was not obviating from anything. He was in the race. His only worry was that many people were scrambling for the nine positions, some going to an extent of using their imagined God-fathers. They were doing all sorts of maneuvers to ensure they were picked for these positions. They were spending sleepless nights to solicit for support from their own backgrounds. SaTP was very sad that this kind of situation should go on un- abated in our midst wondering what would befall those without mighty back-ups. He was sad because if such situation continued, he was not sure to be vetted and included in the pending list of EALA MPs. He vowed to read the mood and may be will seek the legal advice from one Wani who successfully ensured the nullification of the first selection of MPs to the regional house. SaTP’s confidence of being honorable was fading and fading without any full-stop. We live in a world full of wonders.


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