More funding needed to fight HIV/AIDS

By Elia Joseph Loful

The program Manager in the Ministry of Health Victoria Achut has called on the government to avail more resources to speed up the fight against HIV/AIDS in the country.

The call came up yesterday during a community dialogue to challenge all forms of discriminations against women and girls in Juba organized by the South Sudan HIV/AIDS commission in collaboration with the Network of AIDS Service Organization in South Sudan (NASOSS).

She said the current funding to support HIV programs was not sufficient.

“We are urging our government to allocate more resources to the Ministry of Health, at least let’s go above the 2 percent allocated to the ministry,” she urged.

Achut said the plan to end HIV/AIDS in 2030 as a global concern could not be achieved if efforts were not strategized.

“You know we are trying our best which may not be a hundred percent sure, because it will depend on human resources and financial resources. But it is not going to be easy to achieve this expectation,”Achut stated.

She however told the community leaders to ensure that women and girls were protected from being discriminated adding that it was a collective effort for everyone in the community.

“It is a collective effort of all us who are here women and men, civil society, government, law enforcement agencies should stand together to fight discriminations against women and girls,” she emphasized.

The Chairperson of HIV/AIDS Commission Dr. Achol Ayom Dor said women and girls have been discriminated in various forms stating that the public should respect human life saying majority of the people were discriminated in the society.

“Discrimination has many forms and women have so many things to be said of and not only HIV/AIDS. Everyone in South Sudan is discriminated, doctors should take care of the sick and if they don’t do so they have to face the law,” she expressed.

She said community leaders were responsible to address discrimination related issues in the community.

“Charity starts at home, chiefs do your job. You are responsible for your area it is your job to stop all problems happening in your communities,”Ayom stressed.

“I am saying to our government to increase the budget because this will help us to reach every state,” she appealed.

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