The International Organisation for Migration has advised the government to immediately build more dams to mitigate flooding as more heavy rains were expected at the start of the season. Indeed, the future really looks bleak and urgent intervention is needed to curtail what lies ahead. The IOM is right to advise the government to put down whatever they are doing and hear the cries of the flood victims. The question is what the government thinks if it cannot find a solution to the issue of flooding in the country. It is true that Juba is the only safe place but everyone cannot come to the city. This will give the government a hard time to provide better service. Since 2020, the world has seen the ruins of flooding in the areas of Jonglei and Unity State where thousands of people were displaced by water. The one of Jonglei was and still remains the worst of them all. Many people have lost their livestock and everything they had then. The rains are expected to beat the soil soon and nobody knows what will happen next. Of course a dozen people will once again be displaced if the government fails to put the existing fire out. The duty to protect and provide better service is entirely the government’s responsibility and if the same government fails to execute its duty, the people will have no choice but question the functionality of such a government. The rains never discriminate and so does flooding. Our people have already seen enough of it all. It is high time the government swallows its pride and brings a lasting solution to this problem which has been a topic of discussion.  The dykes will never provide all the solutions but at least, they can help a lot.

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