More destructive floods expected this year

By William Madouk Garang

Heavy rainfalls are expected this coming season triggering“calamities” in various parts of the country, British charity Oxfam said in a new report released yesterday.

In the report seen by Juba Monitor, Oxfam said the wet season will cause worse flooding, displacement, disease, and the cycle of hunger.

The Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO) report 2022 said the country will experience the highest of food insecurity in history with approximately 8.3 million people likely to face a severe shortage by lean season in May – July 2022.

In response to the hunger crisis the British-based aid and development charity, Oxfam has declared the hunger crisis inEast and the Horn of Africa, where the organization hoped to reach 383 thousand people in South Sudan with multi-sectorial lifesaving food security.

In a statement the acting Oxfam Country Director in South Sudan, Juliet MorikuBalikowa said: “After historic flooding, families have been pushed past the brink. We’re just now able to reach some of the worst-impacted communities, and soon many will be cut off again by more rain. So many people are without clean drinking water and safe hygiene and have lost their homes, crops, livestock, and livelihoods – the tools they would need to get back on their feet.

She added “The flooding is only the latest deadly challenge South Sudanese people would face and will only see this hunger crisis grow exponentially if we don’t see a massive and urgent humanitarian scale-up. We have a narrow window and donors, leaders, and humanitarians must act now,”

Oxfam Program Manager in Walgak, Lakes Tesfaw said after they distributed unconditional cash assistance to vulnerable households it felt like a drop in the ocean.

“We see them feeling helpless and overwhelmed as their needs surpass our resources. We are concerned as women are still seen walking long hours to get wild foods to feed their families,” Tesfaw noted.

Oxfam condemned the continued violence against aid workers and called on the government and all the organized forces to ensure that they were protected as they deliver lifesaving aid.

Record rainfalls in the past years overflow rivers and flooded thousands of hectares of farmland in eight states which prevented people from cultivating while nearly 800 thousand livestock perished.

Thirty-three out of 79 counties were badly affected by the floodwaters, which had significantly subsided since that last wet season. The impact is harsh in Jonglei, Unity, and Upper Nile state where thousands of people have been displaced.

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