Monytuil calls for intervention to over 80’000 floods affected population

By John Agok

The Governor of Unity State has swiftly called on both humanitarian assistance with effort from the National government minister of Humanitarian and Disaster Management to give assistance to where State government could not add.

Speaking to a team of Nationals and International journalists who were on a Solidarity mission to Unity state in collaboration with CEPO, the Governor of Unity StateJoseph Monytuil Weljang, told the top leadership on what was happening to his state with regards to disaster in floods, and he was expecting National team led by minister of Humanitarian to come to Unity State.

Monytuil’s  briefing also detailed on how State capacity has responded to the floods that took over six Counties and nowbattling to stop taking over Bentiu town where all floods’ survivors assembled at, the state has already established three dykes to control flooding. Most of government ministries including the palace of First Vice President Dr.Machar were all destroyed by floods.

“We are calling on our Humanitarian agencies and top leadership whom I already informed about the situation and I expect the team of National government led by Minister of Humanitarian and disaster management will soon arrived in the state”, he said.

He also revealed that, the team of professional journalists would showcase untold stories of population affected by floods to meet and speak out their experiences about floods impacts on them.

” Team of journalists can interact with flood-affected personsand narrate their problems ensued from the state disaster. The state government dispatched excavators to repair broken dykes.”, he added.

Dr. Monytuil said, there were six counties out of seven that became inaccessible except Bentiu which still has roads to Rupkona airstrip.

” Six counties are submerged by water especially in Panjijar, Mayendit, leer, Koch, Guit and Mayom respectively except Bentiu town which part of it is on Highland and other parts under the water. It is a good start that we have invited the team of professional journalists to document series of this floods so that, government should have data to avoid the 1964 floods. If we had documentaries, we could have planned for it well”, he concluded.

Teresa Nyakona flood-affected victims from Guit County shared her experiences on the flood.

” Yeah, people with disabilities are stranded in Guit County, just 20 km from Bentiu town. We are facing a lot of challenges since people cannot access the Highland”, she said.

Nyakona urged humanitarian bodies to come with food and shelter assistance.

” We are calling on humanitarian assistance to give us food and shelter aid”, she said.

Floods outbreak ensued earlier in August and its magnitude intensified further to highland areas.

The solidarity mission from the backdrop of UJOSS and CEPO have already distributed items to most affected victims contributed by two institutions and called on other stakeholders to do more.

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