Peace monitoring team that who visited Yambio en-route to Tambura on conflicts facts finding mission should publicly tell the country the truth. It should not be just another facts finding to line-up few individuals pockets. There have been so many accusations and counter-accusations that only the truth from the ground will straighten the allegations which have been doing the round. The peace monitors will really save the situation by telling it the way it should be so that both the state and national government would come out with a lasting solution to the problem. People have been killed, hundreds displaced and property destroyed. Since the state government has not been able to tell it the way it should be, the peace monitor team should ease the suffering of many by coming out with true assessment and findings. Everyone concerned including the church should help restore the volatile situation that has been created by design or otherwise in Tambura. If it is a political play then it has to be stopped for the sake of peace and stability. The country should be spared the agony of seeing their own killing one another while some organizations that are supposed to assist in containing peace are on the other hand play to extend the problems on the ground. Those names that have been mentioned should be thoroughly investigated until the truth is spilled in the public domain. It is on record that some of the peace monitoring bodies have not lived to their expectations leaving few to carry the burden. Whichever way this country and the people of Western Equatoria need to know the truth which should not be hidden and which will make it possible to actually know who were behind the whole inter-communal conflicts which is the only way the Tambura people would know the truth that would also make them start a new life from somewhere.

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