Monica the Female Boxer tells her experience


Monica Jabe


By Sarah Kiko

Sarah Kiko: Introduce yourself to us.

Monica Jabe: My name is Monica Jabe, the first female boxer in South Sudan.

SK: What motivated you to join boxing?

MJ: I first visited the youth centre and I saw people training and I felt I wanted to try, that was when I picked the interest. My mother never wanted me to sleep alone so she encouraged me to go and look for something to exercise.

SK: When did you start training?

MJ: I started boxing training in 2014 with the help of my trainer Okelo Puro Obob.

Monica and the team

SK: How does it feel in the boxing ring?

MJ: I feel good and strong despite sometimes one can really feel tired in the first experience but once you get used to the training, everything become normal and the body relax.

SK: Have you ever taken part competed in any competition and when did it happen?

MJ: Yes I have ever performed in a competition that was held back in 2017 in Kampala, Uganda. My weight was 50kg while my competitor was 65kg. The beginning of the fight was good and there were some good supporters from South Sudan and media house who attended the event. I performed well but was not able to get the belly because they corrupted me, even everyone witnessed it but my coach just had to accept it in which I really felt bad.

SK: What challenges did you face that time?

MJ: Self loss because experiencing the pain of being cheated in the result; I lose the interest of continuing with boxing.

SK: What is your biggest achievement so far?

MJ: (laughing) hmm! My biggest achievement in life is when I received the gold medal and a certificate by the boxing committee.

SK: What is the bad side of boxing?

MJ: Losing focus! If you are not focused in the training, you will experience a lot of injury on your face and that will make you not to learn any good techniques of boxing and how to defend yourself.

SK: How many female started with you in the training?

MJ: We were four girls in the beginning but two gave up because they felt the training was tough and they could not handle it. We were remaining two, now, Winnie Natasha and I.

SK: Being the only ladies in this sport, how do you encourage other girls to join you?

MJ: Boxing is a good sport and it helps girls or women to learn how to defend themselves when attacked. Learning the techniques is a great move in the ring. It also helps in keeping ones brain grow too. I encourage every girl to join this type of sport. It is about who guides you in the sport, being a woman boxer is a great feeling. I thank God, my family, my mother who always support me and encourage me to remain focused and watch out my way.

SK: Thank you Monica.

MJ: Thank you too.



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