Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I think sometimes and most of the time, we must learn to appreciate a good thing or a good gesture that is meant to uplift the living standard of the common man. The invitation extended to me by m-Gurush the mobile money giant in the country during the launch of the International Money Remittance Service on Thursday evening did not come as a surprise because l am a friend of the house and the modern technology company that owns the mobile money service. I have been interacting with them far too long but this time around what took me by surprise is the mode and the vast areas coverage of their introduced service covering more than ten countries in the region a far beyond. As if this was not enough of the countries in the region and beyond practical remittance was displayed by the experts where one could see clearly how both local and international transfers were being done. On arrival at the launch venue, l realized l had been noticed, and through the microphone, my name was mentioned in the house “Yaba Odongo” was present. There were main guests from the corporate world including the guest of the day from Deputy Governor of CentralBank, John Ohisa who stood in for Governor Moses Makur, and the National Communication Authority Director-General Adok Napoleon, among others. I had been ushered in by an m-Gurush’s Vice President Joseph Arinaitwe in the company of the Chief Operations Officer, Mou Ambrose, and the Chief Executive Officer Alok Subudhi. It is rare that our scribes are noticed or draw public attention. It is also not our culture to draw such attention. But this one took me off the ground, still, l am indebted to the management of the mobile money transfer because all the way they had noticed that l am one of the pioneers who have stood storm from the launch of them-Gurush two years ago to date. My experience along the way, l met many resistances and doubts who thought that this was a daydream. Those who remained trusting can now vouch that this system had outreached its expectation and was going to make it so easy to transact money without carrying liquid cash. Many avenues and opportunities are open for customers to transfer domestic requirements and business transactions through the system without leaving one’s office or house. No quieting in the financial institutions, no more headache of looking for ways to pay for imports as long as one has the mobile money transfer system connected to their banks. I wish one would get the gist of what l am talking about and be able to seek assistance or audience with the able and experts staff members of m-Gurush and their able top management whose motto of consultation is an open door policy without preventive bureaucratic process. Let m- Gurush cover the whole country and go beyond to play its part in the socio-economic development of the country and the region at large.

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