MONEY-In the banks for MPs

By John Agok

Members of Parliament have already received money in their banks Account for emoluments, the first time after the reconstitution of TNLA last month.

This is in response to theSpeaker of parliament NunuKumba who directed parliamentarians to open accounts in order to pay them directly their establishment fund into accounts by administration of the two houses. She said this last month during the third session opening remarks.

According to parliamentarians who declined to be name for fear of identity told Juba Monitor yesterday that, it was true they hadreceived money being deposited into their accounts.

They also admitted that, they confirmed more than 2,500 USD which was equivalent to over a million South Sudan pounds (SSP) and 1.6 million SSP for Council of States respectively.

One MP shared his opinion with Juba Monitor saying that, the leadership of parliament would have hired a company to Supply Vehicles for MPs in order to tour their respective constituencies and come to the house.

There were circulating information earlier on that, each Member of Parliament (MP) was to receive 5,000 USD and for a total number of 650 MPs from both parliament and Council of states that would run into over three million USD.

 Speaker Kumba last month called on Parliamentarians to open their bank accounts to allow administration of the two houses to deposit some little amount as they wait for other remaining portions to be paid later.

The establishment funds are mandatory to all eligible Member of Parliament.

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