By Ngor Khot Garang [GUEST]

Odongo Odoyo

There are myths that people have about money. Some say it changes people and others have it that it kills. I don’t subscribe to them all. Money doesn’t change, it actually reveals the person you have disguised for a long. If someone is humble, money will give them a voice to trample on others. If someone was kind, money would give them the power to destroy or kill. Money itself has another face that people don’t see. When you give someone your money, make sure that person has taken a part of you that you will never get back and if you are not yet convinced with my point, try to give someone your money. You will never forget this person in your life.

It is giving yourself to somebody, your time and everything. If you want to keep someone in your mind forever, borrow them your money and every day, you will think of these people. You will pray for them to be in good health so that they live to pay your money back. If someone gives you their money, they give you their lives and all that they have.

Sometimes, when you buy something, it is not the good that you buy, it is the time that was used to prepare that good. When you buy this newspaper, you are not buying the news but the times used by the newsmakers to prepare that news.  Money can bring you joy but it will never buy happiness. You can buy love but not a home.

You can buy health but not life. Money sometimes doesn’t stay with people. You can have it today and you lose it tomorrow. I have known men who, 10 years ago, were everything, now they are nowhere to be seen. In most cases, if your desire is to be rich, that will never happen. True richness is in appreciating the little you have.

Wealth cannot come in terms of money alone, there are several ways God can bless you. It could be in good health, children or even a great family. Remember, God will never give you all that you need at once.  You can be rich with money but with an unsuccessful marriage. You can buy an expensive car and it kills you in an accident. On the other hand, you may be poor but in good health. Learn to see two sides of the coin, they are almost the same. 

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