Mogae should exert more efforts or resign

Festus Mogae was the former President of Botswana in South Africa. When he was President, many Africans trusted him and testified about his wonderful work. Mogae was regarded a tough fellow who couldn’t compromise with issues surrounding his leadership. He was describes as a man of integrity.

This is a brief history about who Festus Mogae is; though much can be said about him and his political career in Africa and the whole world. So, when the 2013 war broke-out, Festus Mogae was appointed by the Inter-Government Authority and Development (IGAD) and African Union (AU) as the Chairman of Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) to monitor and evaluate the process of the Peace Agreement signed in 2015.

At that time, there was great hope from the citizens that the peace agreement would yield better fruits under Mr. Mogae’s leadership, because they believe he would pressure the warring parties to end the war.

There was much hope when Festus Mogae stepped on the South Sudanese soil in-line with the peace agreement. But when Mr. Festus started the implementation of the peace agreement in 2015 to date, the process for the implementation of the peace agreement has been very slow without any progress. Mogae has failed honestly and humbly in driving a wheel-borrow that would have brought everlasting peace in the country. First, there was a delay of the SPLM-IO groups and the government in ending confrontations.

The return of the SPLM-IO members was also delayed by the JMEC team which caused a serious delay in implementation of the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (ARCSS). It was not until 2016, when all the SPLM-IO members and their leaders returned to Juba to implement the peace accord.

However, this did not last for long and in the same year, another fighting broke out yet Mogae was already in the capital. According to official report about July 2016 fighting, three hundred people were killed, though the number was more than the one revealed.

Again Mr. Festus Mogae did not stop the fighting as soon as possible by pressuring both sides to end the July 2016 conflict. He was in the room of fear while war was going on. Until the fighting went out of hands, Mogae was still insisting, that there was peace agreement existing even if there is no peace.

He has become unfaithful and not honest in reporting to IGAD, AU, UN, International Community and the South Sudanese people. He is in the basket of the government in Juba and anything he wanted to say, first he has to brief the government. Where is the neutralization here? He is an independent body and he is not supposed to stand with the government or the opposition group.

The war is still going on and yet Mogae is telling the whole world that South Sudan security situation is normal, even though its normality is not credible and the progress of in the implementation is slow. He should not always be saying the security situation is normal when there is war and hunger in the country.

He had often pointed out that the government had formed the Transition National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) and Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) which reflects the implementation of the peace agreement.

This was according to the article which appeared in Juba Monitor earlier this month. So what, after all these excuses from Festus Mogae in-line to the implementation of the agreement? The SPLM-IO he was talking about is the SPLM-IO in the government under Taban Deng Gai and not those in the bush fighting the government. When Dr. Riek Machar left the capital, the SPLM-IO loyal to him said clearly that, Taban Deng Gai and his groups do not represent the SPLM-IO in the bush.

They were very clear since day one and up today, in their point of view on the representation of the SPLM-IO in the government and those in the bush. The SPLM-IO members who are in the government and those in the bush were defecting from time to time. Mr. Taban has failed to reunify the SPLM-IO members who are in the government and those in the bush under one umbrella and command.

So, Mogae has failed in the mission regarding the peace agreement and he must resign to give peace a chance, because he lacks leadership skills and governance. He was insisting of buying time and money in the expense of the innocent South Sudanese people, but in practice there is nothing he is contributing towards restoration of lasting peace. What good work is he talking about since he resumed the implementation of the peace agreement from day one up today?  Where is the peace agreement he is talking of?

The political crisis and inter-communal conflicts are still going on in South Sudan while Mr. Mogae is claiming of achieving peace. You hear from the news, such as the Voice of America (VOA), BBC and other local media reports about people being killed and going hungry without food for days and months.

As I speak now, the south Sudanese citizens are still fleeing to neighboring countries seeking for protection. South Sudanese too are dying of hunger and disease due to the conflict.

So, where is the peace Mr. Mogae and the government is talking about? As a mediator, Mogae has a reasonability in supporting the implementation process and to be very serious on issues which are likely to hinder the agreement.

It is not a joking matter, where Mr. Festus Mogae could just sit and watch, it requires real commitment to implement the peace accord.

The writer is a political analyst reachable via: modijamesladu@yahoo.com

By James Ladu Modi Asuk Gwate

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