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Modern structured maternity hospital under construction

By Lodu William Odiya

The Commissioner of Juba County, Engineer Charles Joseph Wani over the weekend revealed that the new maternity sickbay undergoing construction in Luri would be the best super structured hospital as the authorities hired qualified experts and good salary payment.

This came after the inspection of the construction of the New Juba county Maternity hospital yesterday at Luri Rokwe.

Wani added that theundergoing maternity hospital construction would be the best as it was seen from the foundation building.

“I am assuring you that the foundation made is the best and the strongest foundation because it is made by stones, that means it will last for long time,” Wani said.

He added that the county wanted the construction to only take a month to be completed.

He further revealed that the government of Central Equatoria has   committed itself in providing health services to all the communities of south Sudan.

 Wani saidthe county agreed that the construction was supposed to be completed in the period of six months.

“There is no any partner or NGO who is supporting this project, but itis the money we are collected from Juba County and we are giving back to them in term of health services.”

He stated that the maternity hospital is going to be the best hospital and they would be bring experts that would be paid a good salary.

 Wani said that the government would hire local and international expertsin the field of health to reduce the death rates in pregnant mothers by bringing experienced engineersto construct a modern facility and laboratory with conventional standards which would be based in the country.

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