Mobile Roundabout renamed, “Jubek Roundabout”

The Mobil Roundabout has been renamed “Jubek Roundabout” by the Jubek state governor, Gen. Augustino Jadallah during the inauguration ceremony of the Statue erected by Juba City Council along Juba-Custom Highway.

Jubek was a strong Paramount Chief of the Bari community who lived in Kondokoro Island during the colonial era. The name ‘Juba’ was derived from his name ‘Jubek’ by the British colonialists.

The Jubek Statue inauguration was organized by the City Council with full support from the Tecno Group African Company. During the ceremony on Wednesday last week, governor Jadallah asked the residence of Juba to cooperate with the city authorities in the process of demarcating the City.

“We want the people of Juba to cooperate and support the City Council in the process of demarcation the town because this will help the security organs to respond quickly to combat crimes and in case of emergencies,”Jadallah said.

He said the work of the security has been difficult due to poor roads around the city. Jadallah said the completion of the Jubek statue at the Jubek Roundabout–former Mobil Roundabout – is the first step of reorganizing Juba City. The governor went on to rename the Roundabout as Jubek Roundabout.

“I would like to tell our people that, from today onwards, this roundabout (Mobil Roundabout) will not be called Mobil Roundabout, it will be called “Jubek Roundabout”. General Jadallah also pledged to erect more statues in and around Juba, starting from Jubek square – down town at the “Moduriya” Roundabout.

Stephen Wani Michael, the Mayor of Juba City council said the symbols on the monument should not be misinterpreted. Wani said the Bow symbol on the monument signifies defense while the Hoe represents agriculture.

“I would like to inform you that, the monument should not be understood negatively, we are not advocating for hostilities but historical facts with full meaning. In the Bari tradition, a bow is for defense while a hoe is for agriculture. As a state, we need to demonstrate our culture”, Mayor Wani said. He also thanked the Tecno Group African Company for sponsoring and supporting the local government in building of the Jubek Roundabout statue.

By David Mono Danga

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