Mobile Roundabout renamed, “Jubek Roundabout”

The Chairman of the Tecno Group African Company, Devangkumar Barot thanked the government of Jubek state for committing itself for the success and completion of the Jubek Roundabout. “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Jubek Government for making a strong commitment to rehabilitate this roundabout and towards growth and development for this entire town. Please allow me to express my deep appreciation to all those who were involved in this work and for today’s ceremony. I think we have created something that we are all very proud of. I am sure it will be great Monument for Jubek state”.

Mr. Devangkumar said Tecno will remain devoted to support the Jubek state government and Juba City authorities anytime it’s needed.

While Mr. Dhaval Barot, the Managing Director, Tecno Group African Company said his company sponsored the building of the Jubek Roundabout monument out of the will to support the people and government of Jubek state.

“What we are doing is providing services back to the community and the local government of Jubek state and indeed South Sudan at large. This work is not for money, because we don’t earn profit by sponsoring and funding the monument for Jubek Roundabout,” Dhaval told Juba Monitor yesterday in an exclusive interview.

He also said for the people of Juba to get used to calling the Jubek Roundabout, the media should sensitize the public. “It will take time for people to start calling it “Jubek Roundabout because they are so used to the former name – Mobil Roundabout. The easy way for people to know that the name of the roundabout has been changed is by sensitizing the people in the media.”

Dhaval said the Tecno Group African Company will also support the government of Jubek state and the authorities of Juba City Council in implementing other developmental projects for the people of South Sudan to remember them in the future. He said Tecno will also support the local government in building a Rhino statue at the Moduriya Roundabout.

The monument at Jubek Roundabout – former Mobil Roundabout – was designed by Eng. Stanislaus Tombe Felix, the Chairman of Board of Directors, Equatoria Broadcasting Corporation (EBC).

The inauguration ceremony was attended by several dignitaries that includes among others; the Governor of Jubek state, who was the guest of honor, the Minister of Information-Jubek state, the Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement-Jubek state, The Mayor of Juba City council, the Chairperson, Juba City Legislative Council and the Tecno Group African Company.

Juba City Council issued appreciation certificates to the people who helped in the success of the statue and also the historical support they offered to the people of Juba.

By David Mono Danga

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