By Malek Arol Dhieu (Guest)

With an exception of angels, all human beings, including specialists in perfection aka perfectionists, make mistakes every now and then, but this does not revoke their existence on earth as human beings. Though existence can only be revoked by God, the Creator, lack of acceptance to mistakes almost revokes one’s existence on earth. Mistakes are errors which, when people learn from, can perfect them to make sure whatever they do contains no or little errors. The only problem comes in when one does not accept his/her mistakes because it trains him/her to grow rigid in that by the time he/she realizes that there is no court for mistake culprits who accept their mistakes, their horns have already grown so hard to be framed. There is one prominent part of the body responsible for the commission of mistakes and it’s the same part that accepts them and works hard to be mistake-free; this part is the brain, the instructor of all human beings. The brain works like a rifle. A rifle shoots at a very long distance but when it keeps shooting for long, it reaches an extent bullets can fall in front of a shooter as a result of it becoming exhausted. In the course of supplementing all this, a saying goes ‘when a prostitute quarrels with a virgin, it’s the prostitute who first insults the virgin as a prostitute so that when a virgin replies that it’s you who is a prostitute, the spectators can’t believe it at all’. Almost all the media houses, both digital and analog, make mistakes but Juba Monitor newspaper didn’t one day bring out its drums and trumpets and beat them to such a crazy extent it forgets that it has mistaken sometimes back and will also mistake in future since mistakes are part of life. When Juba Monitor newspaper mistook on the 14th of March 2022, nearly all literates in and across the country applied for positions of Critics and before being recruited, went on criticizing it so virally. As a leading newspaper, Juba Monitor highly welcomes constructive critics but it pinches negative critics. Though Juba Monitor’s mistake created a number of critics countrywide, they are still branded pseudo critics since they only read the headline and abandoned the whole story to hint them before they went far. We always accept our mistakes and that’s why we remain leading.  

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