Missionary bags recovered from street gangs

By John Agok

A member of a radical gang group better known as “Toronto Boys” was caught after they robbed a Missionary along Juba-Airport road yesterday near the Presbyterian Church while going for his leisure walk.

The two Toronto boys were raiding on Senke motor bike and dragged down the 65-year-old Missionary carrying his two bags. They ran away with his belongings till a good Samaritan came to his rescue, chasing them and luckily, the bags were regained in good shape and given to the owner.

“We are not targeting everyone but people who carry something with good things like money or other expensive jewelry for us to benefit from it,” one of the thieves explained.

However, the unlucky boy was caught and his colleague drove off with the bike. The boy who said his name was Ahamed Ladu which perhaps is not his real name told Juba Monitor reporter that they were looking for dollars in the Whiteman’s bag.

The teenager also decried unemployment in the country, negligence by the government which has prompted them to engage in such criminal activities.

“We are doing this because we do not have employment opportunities from government departments. Also, our family is weak economically,” he added.

The missionary who preferred anonymity congratulated the crowd that came to his help from the hands of the thieves. He also said that he had the pleasure to thank his savior and the one granted him safe haven in Presbyterian Church premises till the CID Police intervened.

Nevertheless, the police from Criminal Investigation Department (CID) came and took the boy and the missionary to Gisim Chamali near Juba Central Prison for further investigation.

The missionary was about to collapse as he sought refuge in Juba Presbyterian church, till the police came into the matter, thereafter, he was woken up and ridden together with the boy to the police.

The boy is now under police custody waiting for his colleague who earlier ran away with the motor bike to be apprehended and pending to be arraigned in competent court.

Crimes surged in Juba during the festive season but they now continue in the first era of the New Year.

This creates fear and sense of discomfort for the ones who love to walk on the streets of Juba with smartphones at hands due to fear of Toronto boys. The tourists and foreign visitors panic when they hear of stories of Toronto boys in Juba.

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